Full Name:  Shane `Simmy` Wildchild
Nickname: Simmy
Age: 29
Years Playing/Singing: 15
Date You Joined Stronghold: Aug 2003
Instrument/Position: Guitarist/Backup Vocalist
Hometown: Fayettville, NC
Former Bands: Fotune Cookie,JezzFace,Clear Conchance,Fantastic Funky, Wild Stalions, and CRS
Gear: DC Rich warlock, KKV flaying V, Habanez, Line 6 Pod, PV260 power amp (300w power amp), Crybaby wah patel, Boss octive petal, PV pyramid 412 cabnet with black widow sub`s, SM Vocal shure vocal mic. and Bich
Influences: Slipnot, tool, corn, system of the down, DieCast, Metallica, Mega Death, Pantera, Slayer.